Elevator Games

Ride Up and Down to Fun

Ever thought about pushing all the buttons as soon as you got on an elevator? As tempting as and fun as that may seem, try our elevator-themed games instead! Not only do we have a variety of games to keep you entertained, you won’t anger all the other people sharing your building. 

Don’t worry, we have an inappropriate game to satisfy your rebellious streak. After all, what’s worse than getting on an elevator where all the buttons have been pressed? A fart-filled elevator that had all its buttons pressed, of course! With our Elevator Fart game, it’s life or death and you’re the culprit who needs to pass some gas in a crowded elevator, or risk exploding if you keep it in for too long! Go for loud farts to pass a lot of gas or quiet ones for subtlety. Just don’t get caught by your fellow passengers. 

If you’re looking for a more appropriate, office-themed game, try Elevatorz and help Mr. Jitters reach his office at the top of the building without getting hit by an elevator. Looking for a strategy game? Try Elevator Rush where it’s your job to get your riders where they need to go. And if you prefer to help a friendly robot instead, try Elevation, a classic 2D game where you help the robot avoid moving obstacles and get to the exit using elevators.

Fight the urge to push all the buttons next time you’re riding an elevator and click through to our elevator games instead! Guaranteed to be more fun.